Some companies have benefitted from increased demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. But for most, this is a time of major challenges and setbacks. To make it through to the other side in good shape, many marketers will have to reinvent their strategies and executions, and be agile enough to do it over again as the need arises.

With this in mind, we have developed the Survive, Disrupt, Align program. The program is based on neuromarketing principles to maximize effectiveness in tackling the challenges this new operating environment brings.

The first step is to ensure survival. But, while necessary, mere survival is not sufficient to take the company into a viable future. A new market environment is evolving, and the second step is to shape it to our advantage by actively disrupting conventions. Finally, we will need to align – and keep realigning - our strategies and tactics with the new, emerging market reality.
Short-term survival calls for low cost, easy to implement approaches. Priming may be the solution when you are looking for a boost in revenue but don't have the budget to fund a major marketing campaign. The Program's Priming Collection can help!

At the same time, cut-backs make it even more important to ensure that every one of your brand touchpoints is consistent and meaningful. This is where applying Brand Vision Archetypes can be your solution.
You may find that the relationship between the consumer and your brand is being disrupted. If so, your challenge is to shape this disruption by developing your own disruption strategy. The Disruption Strategies Program covers four core concepts to help you achieve this: Cultural Disruption; Disrupting the Meaning of Products and Brands; Blue Ocean Strategies; and Technological Disruption.

By covering both theory and examples, the program equips you to select the strategic tool that will give you the best result, given the specific challenges you are facing right now.
Continual change means you will need to make sure your strategies and executions are aligned, and you will need to keep realigning as the new environment evolves. In this section, we cover Marketing Communications, Shopper Marketing and Market Research.
The Neuromarketing Essentials program provides you with an in-depth understanding of how the consumer’s mind works. This is the foundation for developing robust neuromarketing strategies and executions.

A special program on Creativity covers four ways you can boost your own creativity: by eliminating barriers; practicing simple methods to improve creativity; training your brain to strengthen its creative potential, and using creative tools to focus your creative efforts and generate a wide range of ideas.
Dr. Peter Steidl, is Principal at Neurothinking and Head of the Neurothinking Institute, specializing in applying neuroscience insights into how the brain works to achieve positive change. He is a recognized author, speaker, and educator who has consulted to Fortune Global 500 and other multinational corporations in more than 20 countries on five continents.

Peter has authored/co-authored six Neuromarketing books, including 'Neuromarketing for Dummies'. His articles, interviews, and commentaries have appeared in journals and trade publications and on radio and TV in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the United States. Peter currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, and works internationally.

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