• What is Neuromarketing?

    Neuromarketing is informed by the cognitive, behavioral and neurosciences and repurposes relevant insights, concepts and tools to boost the effectiveness of marketing strategies, tactics and initiatives. Neuroscience based research is a branch of market research using methodologies that are aligned with neuroscience insights.

  • Which aspects of neuromarkeitng does the Neuromarketing: Survive, Disrupt, Align program cover?

    Have a look at the Program Overview presentation.

    The program is brief and to the point, and it is practical, so you can start work immediately on building your resilience to deal with the situation now, and whatever you encounter in the future.

  • Is this a marketing course program?

    No. This program is not a marketing 101 program. Rather, it highlights how you can use neuromarketing insights, concepts and tools to lift the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. It can be used to augment traditional marketing program or to update your marketing expertise by adding neuromarketing insights, concepts, and tools.

  • How do I know the program will work for me?

    There is never a guarantee. However, there are numerous case studies confirming that neuromarketing insights, concept, and tools can boost the effectiveness of marketing strategies, tactics and initiatives.

  • What happens when I sign up?

    You will have access to all programs – Neuromarketing Essentials, Priming, Brand Vision Archetype, Disruption Strategies, Shopper Marketing, Marketing Communications and Market Research programs as well as to the Creativity Playbook – for 12 months from signing up. You can read our full User Agreement and Terms & Conditions.

  • Who is Neurothinking?

    Neurothinking Pty Ltd is a strategic consultancy specializing in applying neuroscience-based insights into how the mind works to problems faced by corporations, businesses, and individuals. Dr. Peter Steidl, the author of the Neurothinking Resilience Program, is a Co-founder and Principal of Neurothinking. You can read more about him here.

  • What is your privacy policy?

    Your password is protected and only accessible to you. We collect information from you when you sign up for the Neuromarketing: Survive, Disrupt, Align program. We use this information only for the purposes of communicating with you about the program and any new features or innovations, and do not share this information with any outside party.